How to Defeat Mega Sceptile in Pokémon GO Mega Raids

Today we’re looking at how to beat Mega Sceptile within Pokémon GO.

Seeing release during a special event this coming Dec. 3, Mega Sceptile will be available during Hoenn Mega Raid Day along with other special appearances.

How to Defeat Mega Sceptile in Pokémon GO

Mega Sceptile is coming soon to Pokémon GO via Mega Raids, and today we’re taking a look at how to defeat this grassy Mega-‘Mon. Arriving during the Hoenn Mega Raid Day on Dec. 3, the Grass/Dragon Pokémon is double weak to Ice-Types.

According to Pokémon GO Hub, Mega Sceptile can be caught at around 1500-1575 CP at Level 20 with no weather boost, and 1876 – 1969 CP at Level 25 with Sunny or a Windy weather boost.

As mentioned, since Mega Sceptile is a Grass/Dragon type, it will be taken down quicker by Ice-Type moves. Additionally, in addition to 2x weakness to Ice, Mega Sceptile is also weak to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying and Poison Type moves. It is strong against Electric (2x), Grass (2x), Water (2x) and Ground Moves.

The 10 best Pokémon and their best moves to use against Mega Sceptile are as follows (via Pokémon GO Hub):

Pokémon – Fast Move / Charge Move

  • Mamoswine – Powder Snow / Avalanche
  • Mewtwo – Psycho Cut / Ice Beam
  • Glaceon – Frost Breath / Avalanche
  • Aurorus – Frost Breath / Weather Ball
  • Avalugg – Ice Fang / Avalanche
  • Kyurem – Dragon Breath / Blizzard
  • Warren – Frost Breath / Icicle Spear
  • Meloetta (Pirouette) – Quick Attack / Ice Punch
  • Articuno – Frost Breath / Ice Beam
  • Rayquaza – Dragon Tail / Outrage

(Note that Shadow Pokémon are excluded from this list.)

Mega Sceptile is capable of learning Bullet Seed (Grass) or Fury Cutter (Bug) for its Fast Moves and Frenzy Plant (Grass), Leaf Blade (Grass), Earthquake (Ground), Dragon Claw (Dragon) and Aerial Ace (Flying) for its Charge Moves.

Taking down this Mega likely won’t be an issue as long as you have a decent amount of high-level players. If using high-level players, four to five should be just fine, though you may lose out on Mega Energy if you are unable to finish it quickly enough. Lower Level players may want to stick to larger groups, and ensure that they are using the proper counters.

Best of luck when raiding against Mega Sceptile!

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