Pokémon TCG Live Beta Now Available Globally to Trainers: Here’s How to Access the New Game

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Live Beta is now officially available globally.

Available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, the new Pokémon Trading Card Game Live beta offers several advantages and features over the original PTCGO.

Pokémon TCG Live Beta Available Globally to Trainers

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Live beta is officially available to Trainers globally. Originally only seeing a beta release in select countries, the new beta is now available to everyone.

Offering more features than the original Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, the latest addition of the Live beta is that the game is now available on mobile devices.

Additionally, Pokémon Trading Card Game Live also provides access to more decks as soon as players login. While not overly powerful, the game provides several decks straight from the start. This includes a Zamazenta & Zacian deck, as well as a Calyrex VMAX deck.

Trainers that use the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app are also able to migrate over their account and cards. However, this is a one-time only deal, so be sure to try out the new beta before switching over your collection.

A Great Companion for Trainers

With the beta only being available in certain areas for over a year, allowing everyone access to the new Pokémon TCG Live is going to be a massive benefit for trainers. While this writer has only gotten to briefly experience the beta, the game overall feels more polished and complete than the original PTCGO. The new beta feels less buggy, and the inclusion of more decks means everyone is able to start playing right away.

Furthermore, the developers of the beta also made recent changes to the game, including how tier-rewards operate, as well as some new design changes to the gameplay experience.

Overall, the new beta for Pokémon TCG Live should be exciting for both old and new players of the game.

Of course, with the release happening today, don’t be surprised if there are server issues, especially while trying to retrieve new cards and packs.

Trainers can find the beta here.

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