Wild Rattata Outbreak Causes Thousands of Pokédollar Damage to Local Pokémon Center

HEAHEA CITY, Alola – A local Pokémon Center suffered a terribly tragedy after a wild Rattata outbreak caused severe damage to the building’s wiring system. In addition to extensive damage, the Rattata outbreak also disrupted power to the building.

While there are no reports of injuries due to the power-outage, several Pokémon are in critical condition.

Wild Rattata Outbreak Causes Massive Damage to Pokémon Center

A wild Rattata outbreak was the cause of several problems for a local Pokémon Center, as the outbreak of Pokémon caused thousands of Pokédollars worth of damage to the building.

While no individuals were hurt, several Pokémon are in critical condition due to the power going out as a nurse was healing several Pokémon.

“I gave my Pokémon to the nurse, and she sets them on that weird counter-thing they got” reports a local. They continued, “I always go there to heal my Charjabug, but today, right in the middle of healing my guy, the power goes out”.

A nurse working at the time stated, “I’ve never been in this situation before. The nursing academy trains us for stuff like this, but I’ve never had the power go out”.

In addition to multiple Pokémon now receiving urgent care, the building also suffered thousands of Pokédollars in property damage. This includes an assortment of items that the wild Rattata partially consumed.

While a group of individuals were able to spot several of the Rattata, none were actually able to get ahold of those responsible for the damage. While the Pokémon Center has put up a reward offering any information or capture of the Rattata, many are not keeping up their hopes.

The nurse at the Pokémon Center recommends to Trainers that they keep a Hyper-Potion or Max Revive handy in-case of emergencies such as these.

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