Family Picnic Interrupted by Majestic Ho-Oh, Steals Family’s Lunch

ECRUTEAK CITY, Johto – A family gathering just outside of Ecruteak City had a rather unique encounter while enjoying their picnic lunch, as a wild Ho-Oh surprised the family with a chance visit.

However, after spending a bit of time with the family, reports indicate that Ho-Oh took the family’s picnic basket as he fled.

Ho-Oh Surprised Johto Family During Picnic, Steals Lunch

Reports indicate that a family was enjoying a picnic gathering just outside of Route 38, when a majestic Ho-Oh surprised the family with a random encounter.

“We were going to the store to pick up some repels, because we didn’t want any Caterpie bothering us during our meal, or what have you”, stated the father. “Then, just as I’m about to leave, I hear this fantastic roar, and when I turn around, who else but a Ho-Oh is staring me right in the face”.

While the family would like to keep themselves anonymous for privacy reasons, both the mother and father were present at the scene, including their three children, aged 4, 7 and 9, respectively. While several members of the family expressed excitement at seeing the rare-bird flying in the sky, the father of the family also expressed disappointment as the wild Ho-Oh flew off with their picnic basket.

“Look, I know he’s rare, or whatever. But my wife spent a lot of time building that picnic basket”, the father stated, with frustration. He continued, “I was really looking forward to my sandwich in that picnic basket! The kids had fun, but now they’re hungry! What am I supposed to do?”

Speaking with the children, the 9 year-old stated “Ho-Oh was very big and when he screamed he was really loud! When he flew off with the picnic basket, our dad threw his hat and got angry!”

The father denies throwing his hat at Ho-Oh.

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