Reuniting Falinks Causes Traffic Jam as Wild Troopers Lose Sight of the Brass

CIRCHESTER, Garlar – A reuniting Falinks was the cause of a local traffic jam, resulting in high vehicle damage. Reports indicate that a wild Falinks had seen its troopers fall away from the brass, causing much destruction at a busy intersection.

While there are no reports of injuries or medical services being called, no less than three cars were totaled due to the wild Pokémon.

Wild Falinks Causes Traffic Jam, No Serious Injuries

Locals outside of Circhester were in for a surprise today, as a wild Falinks suffering from its troops falling away from the brass was the cause of over 14,000P in vehicle damage.

“They were bouncing around cars like a ball in a pinball machine, frantically searching for the brass”, says one local. “It was quite the sight watching them bopping around between cars”.

Officer Morimoto stated he arrived to the scene just around 14:56, stating that he had been late due to inclement weather.

“I’ve seen the troops fall away from the brass before,” stated Officer Morimoto, “but the way these fellas were moving was absolute panic”.

In total, three different vehicles suffered severe damage, while several other vehicles also received notable damage. While there are no reports of injuries, many from the scene reported severe distress.

“It made me late for my appointment at the salon is what it did, and how am I going to report this to my insurance?” Stated a worker from the local Bob’s Your Uncle.

Reports from the scene also indicate that at least one anonymous individual attempted to catch the wild Falinks in a Great Ball. Those at the scene also report that the individual was not successful.

Typically, Falinks consist of both troopers and a brass. With the brass being the leader, the troopers do their best to reunite themselves with the brass in order to continuing following orders.

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