Review: Playing and Pulling the New Silver Tempest Build and Battle Box

Today we’re reviewing one of the Silver Tempest Build and Bottle Boxes, while detailing what Trainers can expect participating in their local cards shop’s Build and Battle Tournament for the Pokémon TCG.

For those that like to play and collect casually, a Build and Battle tournament can be a great way to get access to the latest Pokémon TCG release, such as Silver Tempest.

Silver Tempest Build and Battle Box: A Quick Review

Getting into the mini-tournament gets you a Silver Tempest Build and Battle box. Playing in the tournament gets you two additional Silver Tempest Booster Packs, and placing in the top 3 also gains you more packs. Folks typically need to preregister an hour before an event to take part in a Build and Battle Tournament.

A look at all four pack variants for Silver Tempest. Machop is impressed!

The Build and Battle Box comes with a 40 card deck as well as three Silver Tempest booster packs. My deck ended up being a Gardevoir Psychic/Electric combination.

This deck includes:


  • 2 Archeops
  • 2 Archen
  • 3 Ralts
  • 3 Kirlia
  • 2 Gardevoir
  • 2 Rotom
  • 1 Zeraora


  • 1 Furisode Girl
  • 2 Unidentified Fossil
  • 1 Arezu
  • 1 Capturing Aroma
  • 1 Bug Catcher
  • 1 Copycat
  • 1 Fog Crystal


  • 6 Psychic Energy
  • 5 Electric Energy
  • 2 Lucky Energy
  • 3 Treasure Energy

Playing the Build and Battle Deck

In terms of play, getting Gardevoir to Stage 3 was rather tough, though it may have just been my luck of the draw. It seemed like those who were using a Rapidash Fire/Electric deck had the advantage, simply cause of the quicker evo. However, Both Kirlia and Gardevoir’s Ability Refinement is rather useful. It’s nice that they share it so that you don’t need the final evo to start using it.

Refinement is a rather nice ability, and both Kirlia and Gardevoire are quick attackers.

Three new Supporters and an Item card did make the game more interesting. Shauna is a slightly less useful Professor’s Research, so don’t be surprised if it’s the next mainstay of rotation. Capturing Aroma having double benefits is also nice.

Furisode Girl is going to be a game changer for those that like to run single-card decks. However I’m not too sure how I feel about Copycat. Could be a new Dan, but some may see some potential in it. Could be a waste of a Supporter.

With the ability to draw a card every time you get hit (even if get knocked-out) thanks to Lucky Energy is pretty great. This new energy will likely see a lot of use. Treasure Energy, on the other hand, allows players to attach the energy to a Pokémon if the Energy is obtained as a face-down Prize Card. Personally, I would go with the Lucky Energy over the Treasure, but others may see a different use.

The Supporter cards found in this Build and Battle could be useful depending on play style.

Stacking the Silver Tempest Build and Battle Deck: Parting Thoughts

All-in-all, it was a fun experience. After four rounds, I still managed to go 2/2/0 with an unmodified deck. However, the last game I won simply because the other player couldn’t evolve their Ponyta’s fast enough. The Rapidash deck seemed like the winner out of the Build and Battle Boxes, especially if a player gets to modify it.

Even after five packs, I ended up not pulling anything worth writing about. However, other players were able to get some decent pulls. There are reports that a case of Build and Battle Boxes has the same pull-rates as a typical Booster Box.

Also, shout-out to my buddy who managed to pull a Reshiram V Full Art.

Some folks have all the luck.

Overall, it was a fun event. Should you have the opportunity, making your way to your local card shop and taking part in one of these events is probably the best way to get yourself acquainted not only with Silver Tempest, but any new release.

Silver Tempest releases Nov. 11.

Are you looking forward to the new Silver Tempest release? Let us know in the comments.

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