Fire Dept Expresses Concerns Over New Recruit Choosing Charmander as Starter

MISTRALTON CITY, Unova – A local fire department is beginning to express its concerns regarding a decision to bring on a new recruit that chose Charmander as their starter.

The new recruit, 23, has asked to remain anonymous.

Fire Department Unsure What to Make of Recruit’s Charmander

A local fire department is starting to have doubts concerning a new recruit, as the young man recently brought his new Charmander to the station.

While a lucky few are only able to choose Snivy, Oshawott or Tepig, Professor Juniper has been known to go out of her way for emergency services.

“It seemed okay with me,” Said Juniper. “What’s the issue here?”

While Professor Juniper held no reservations, the same could not be said for those on the force. “I don’t get it”, said a member of the department, “it seemed obvious for all of us to pick a Squirtle, since, ya know, the whole fighting fires thing.”

Another member of the department was quick to agree. “We fight fires, no matter how big or how small, it’s our job to put them out. I like Charmander and all, but he has a tail of literal fire. How’s that going to help us?”

It is also worth noting that the new recruit is the only member of the department to possess a Charmander, with 14 of the 20 members having Squirtle, and five having chosen Bulbasaur. One anonymous member of the team chose Rotom.

Meanwhile, the new recruit has continued to defend their decision.

“What am I supposed to do?” they stated. “Charmander is obviously the best choice out of the three. What, do they expect me to walk in here with a Bulbasaur?”

Currently, the department itself is not investigating the new recruit’s decision, though the Fire Chief does remain skeptical. In an interview, the Chief stated “Yeah, hey, I don’t know about this one. Charizards are usually pretty helpful cause they can fly and what not, but this fella’s Charmander has been making some rather weird looks.”

In unrelated news, a recent fire broke out at Mistralton’s Cargo Service. Occurring sometime during the evening last night, a fire broke out along the runway. While fire fighters were quick to respond, three individuals from the incident remain in critical condition.

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