Pokémon Company International Teases New Scarlet and Violet Video Arriving Tomorrow

Trainers! More a new video concerning Scarlet and Violet will see release tomorrow. However, what this video entails remains a mystery.

With the Nov. 18 date ever approaching, only more news is sure to come out regarding the next generation of Pokémon games.

Pokémon  Posts YouTube Video, Ominous Next Video for Scarlet and Violet

Scarlet and Violet are only a couple of weeks away from release, and even more details are beginning to emerge. While some reviewers and trainers have already gotten to play a couple hours of the game, a lot of new information is slowly making its way to the internet.

Today, Pokémon Company International posted a short fifteen-second clip to YouTube, in which a trainer navigates Paldea and then gets scared by a wild Gengar.

Additionally, reports from serebii.net indicate that The Pokémon Company International has also scheduled a video that will air tomorrow, Oct. 25, 2022, at 09:00 EDT. While little news is available concerning this video, the title is simply “???”, so who knows what to expect.

As many trainers are already getting their hands on a portion of the game, no doubt more information is likely to surface. While those who got early access to the game are not able to share all of their finds, it will likely take no time out for many secrets to see a reveal.

Of course, we at Pika Pika Times will do our best to keep you up to date concerning what’s going on in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, so be sure to stick around to see what develops.

Concerning the early access some trainers received, lost of new information has already managed to come out. One of the most interesting new features would have to be the fact that NPCs will no longer initiate battle. Instead, Trainers will now have to choose to battle NPCs. A first for the Pokémon franchise.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will see release Nov. 18.

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