Supply Chain Issues Cause Trainers to Panic Over Potential Poké Ball Price Hike

SAFFRON CITY, Johto – Poké Balls will not see a price hike in thanks to supply chain issues. Reports indicate that while there are issues with the supply chain, this should not have an impact on the price of Poké Balls, according to reports.

While Silph Co. reports no intent to increase the price of Poké Balls due to supply chain issues, the Devon Corporation and the Poké Ball Factory are reporting conflicting statements.

Supply Chain Issues May Cause Price Hike in Poké Balls

Recent supply chain issues have caused panic amongst trainers, as there is a growing worry that Poké Balls will be in short supply. With the recent news of supply chain issues having an impact for Silph Co. factories, additional reports indicate a similar situation at Devon Corp. and Kalos’ Poké Ball Factory.

“Look, anyone can find an apricot”, stated an anonymous employee for Silph Co. “But do you know what really goes into these things? Do you have any idea how hard it is finding some of the materials that make a flipping Lapras fit in the palm of your hand? It doesn’t just fall from a tree!”

While supply chain issues are likely to drive up the price of balls, many trainers are looking into alternatives.

“Yeah, hey, I dunno”, stated one local. “My Bibarel just kind of follow me around. I don’t need a Pokéball for him, especially if prices are going up”.

Currently prices remain the same for all assortments of Poké Balls, though there are reports that Ultra Balls are facing a premium in the Unova region. Often requiring a bit more tech than a typical Pokéball, seeing a price hike for the more premium Poké Balls is to be expected.

Concerning the Safari Zone, there have been no reports in a change of price for Safari Balls.

“Recessions happen”, said an anonymous employee for Silph Co. “Trainers should do their best to always keep a stockpile of Pokéballs, especially if they run into something cool like a Charizard or whatever.

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