Pokémon Fans and Reviewers Get Early Access to Scarlet and Violet: Some Things to Expect

Reports indicate that Nintendo is giving certain players early access to the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Currently blasting the internet with information, many players are reporting getting to try out the new games.

Pokémon Gives Early Access Preview of ‘Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’

Today Nintendo is providing some players and reviewers the opportunity to play the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and overall, reports seem positive for the highly-anticipated games. According to a report from Kotaku, those who got to try the new games are reporting some big pieces of information.

For starters, many are reporting that the game is massive. According to Polygon, we’re talking Breath of the Wild massive. Even during the hour-long demo, while players were only allowed to play a small portion of the map, many were having a hard time getting through the small selection available.

Additionally, many were expecting the new legendaries Miraidon and Koraidon to arrive early to players: many are expecting that you get them early to ride, but will not have them joining your party until much later in the game. While the second half of that rumor is still unconfirmed, Kotaku reports that players will get access to their legendary right from the start.

Additionally, the legendaries will now automatically change their form to match the terrain while traveling. This is unlike Legends: Arceus, where players must manually cycle through the different modes of travel.

In terms of other major news, players now have to engage with NPCs in order to initiate battle. Apparently, gone are the days of surprise attacks from NPCs. Furthermore, Day and Night cycles, as well as weather, will now run on the in-game clock.

With the arrival of Scarlet and Violet set for Nov. 18, trainers will have to wait just a bit more to get their hands on the final copy. For those not looking for spoilers, it may be best to just disconnect your internet for awhile.

For me, I’m still waiting to get a closer look at a confirmed Pokédex. I also can’t wait to make some sandwiches.

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