Pokémon TCG to Get One More Sword and Shield Set Before Scarlet and Violet

According to reports from PokéBeach, the new Silver Tempest set arriving in November will not be the last Pokémon TCG set featuring Sword and Shield.

Reports indicate that a special set for Sword and Shield will release in both Europe and America on Jan. 20. After that, the TCG will begin with a new Scarlet and Violet set.

One Last Sword and Shield TCG Set for America and Europe

While reports from PokéBeach suggest that American and European Trainers can still look forward to another set featuring Sword and Shield, little information is currently available. However, Trainers can still expect Elite Trainer Boxes and some promo cards. PokéBeach also reports users can expect a V Box.

Additionally, reports also indicate that the codename for this set is SWSH12.5. It will likely feature cards from Japanese sets that saw recent releases, as well as cards from VSTAR Universe, which will see a release in Japan Dec. 2022.

Concerning this new unnamed set, you can see a partial list of the cards expected for release through PokéBeach. Notable inclusions are Kyogre V, Duraludon V, Eevee V, as well as some full-art trainers.

As Trainers in the United States wait for Silver Tempest to arrive this November, be sure to check your local card shops to see if any are doing early releases. Many local card shops may do a prerelease event, featuring the chance to pick up a Build and Battle deck, as well as some extra packs. Typically, Trainers can expect to use their Build and Battle decks to win more packs.

Lastly, concerning upcoming TCG sets, Pokémon Ex are making a return in the new Scarlet and Violet set arriving in February. Interestingly, the TCG is being vague concerning showing the energy symbols of certain moves. Perhaps in an effort to hide a potential new energy based off the Tera Type feature found in the new Scarlet and Violet games.

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