Pokémon GO Announced Update to Global Map, A First in Three Years

Today Pokémon GO has announced that they are bringing an update to the global in-game map. This is the first update in three years.

According to a press release, the roll-out of the updated map should be arriving to trainers over “the next few weeks”.

Pokémon GO Announced Update to Global Map, First Time in Three Years

For the first time in three years, Pokémon GO is updating the in-game map on a global scale.

According to the press release,

The Pokémon GO map will undergo a visual refresh to more accurately reflect the real world and how it’s changed since our last update. After this update, you may begin to see local changes from recent years appear on the map. This may include the removal of old roads or the appearance of newly constructed buildings.

Additionally, Pokémon GO is also changing the way Pokémon spawn. For larger cities, they will continue to see the same amount of spawns, yet the spawns will “be spread out more evenly”. For smaller or “rapidly expanding” areas, Pokémon GO stated that spawns are likely to increase.

Considering how long it’s been since the last map update, this may be rather exciting news for some. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting how long Niantic has implemented AR Mapping into the game, it will be fascinating to see if 3D buildings finally arrive to the game. What this will look is anyone’s guess.

However, hopefully this does mean that Pokémon will spawn more frequently in certain areas. For rural or more smaller town Trainers, it can often be a challenge completing certain Research Tasks, or finding the rarer spawns. Either way, the new update to the map is sure to make a difference to the game.

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