Pokémon Sword and Shield No Longer to Feature Support Past November

Reports from Serebii.net indicate that The Pokémon Company has put out a notice that Sword and Shield will no longer feature support past November.

While many features will no longer see support, online trading and friendly battles will continue.

Pokémon Sword and Shield No Longer to Feature Support Past November

Following a final update to the Wild Area news on Nov. 1, which adds Pokémon not usually available, including Gigantamax Snorlax, there will be no more Wild Area news updates.

Additionally, Serebii.net also reports that the Battle Stadium will no longer update ranked seasons after Nov. 1. Pokémon HOME will also stop showing results for the Ranked Battle Season in Sword and Shield. Reports also indicate that there will be no online competitions following Nov. 1.

Starting Dec. 1, friendly competitions will no longer see display in Pokémon HOME, but trainers can still take part in friendly competitions.

Concerning Sword and Shield, Y-Comm as well as all other features will still remain available.

The most likely explanation for this move is the obvious release of Violet and Scarlet, arriving Nov. 18. Those who preorder the new games will be able to get access to an exclusive Tera Type Flying Pikachu.

Additionally, the new games will also feature an open-world style of play. Gone are the days of trainers doing gym battles in a particular order, as trainers can now travel the new world of Paldea in any manner that they please. Furthermore, the new Tera-Type feature is sure to make waves amongst those who battle competitively.

Lastly, for Sword and Shield, there is a final Mythical distribution event taking place in the U.S. and Canada. Running until Oct. 29, trainers can go to Gamestop to redeem codes good for Genesect and Volcanion within Sword and Shield.

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