Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Introduces Gym Leader Iono: An Overly-Bubbly Streamer

Today the official Pokémon YouTube Channel has unveiled a new teaser-trailer for Scarlet and Violet, and introduces the new Gym Leader Iono: a streamer and/or social media influencer.

Almost sickeningly bubbly, Iono is an Electric-type Gym Leader within the world of Paldea.

Scarlet and Violet Introduces Streamer Iono: An Electric-type Gym Leader

Acting as Gym Leader for the town of Levincia, the new three minute video on YouTube gives audiences a crash course on Iono’s personality. While the “live stream” video doesn’t provide new details concerning Pokémon or the world of Paldea, instead, the video invites trainers to guess Iono’s partner Pokémon. Without giving away any spoilers, you’ll literally never guess who it is, at least, until the games come out, that is.

While Iono never gives away who her partner Pokémon is, she does provide several clues allowing viewers and trainers to guess. Obviously it’s an Electric-type, but according to Iono, the Pokémon is squishy, is NOT a Magnemite, and has a sluggish and “easygoing vibe”. Additionally, the two lumps on the Pokémon’s head easily get mistaken for its eyes. It’s body also “expand and contracts to generate electricity in its belly”. According to NintendoLife, Given the description she gives, it sounds like a brand-new Electric-type.

While trainers will have to patiently wait for more news to come out, don’t forget that those who preorder the game can receive a special Tera Type Flying Pikachu. Users who preorder the game are also able to get a free in-game backpack for their avatar.

As we move closer to the release of Scarlet and Violet, more details are sure to follow. The Pika Pika Times will do its best to provide up-to-the-minute coverage as the release dates moves closer.

With Scarlet and Violet arriving on Nov. 18, we’re about a month away from the game seeing release.

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