Wild Drifloon Interrupts Birthday Party, Steals Child

ROUTE 5, Galar – A birthday party was taken by surprise over the weekend after a wild Drifloon was able to carry a five year-old child somewhere unknown.

Police officers in the area are working toward finding the child, though so far, the International Police are not involved.

Wild Drifloon Ruins Birthday Party, Child Missing

Reports indicate that Cook Stuart, a local chef in the area, was celebrating his daughter’s birthday along his favorite route, when a wild Drifloon interrupted the party. With a total of fifteen guests, it was only Stuart that had thought to bring along a Pokémon capable of fighting the Drifloon. However, Stuart’s Applin simply was unable to defend itself against the wild Pokémon, and the Drifloon ran away with Stuart’s daughter, Maurice.

Sources wishing to remain anonymous report that the Drifloon was at the party for sometime, disguising itself as a child’s balloon.

The Driffloon was last seen moving west toward Turrffield with the child. Three days after the incident, police have not found evidence of where the child may be.

“I don’t understand” said Stuart, “I thought I had a potion with me to restore some health to my Applin, but the Drifloon was just too quick.”

Since April, Drifloon attacks have risen 48.2% since last year. Other recent incidents include a member of Team Yell experiencing paralysis after encountering a wild Drifloon.

A Growing Problem

While search parties for Maurice have been non-stop since the incident, the situation is causing much strife amongst certain members of the community. At a local local meeting, members of the community held a discussion on having the bottom of the Route closed until “the city is capable of handling its Drifloon situation”.

“It’s not like it was,” says Stuart. “I’ve been coming to this Route for years, and I never had issues with Drifloon before this birthday party. Anymore, you need two or three Pokémon just to handle the route”.

The nursery is still open at this time.

Currently, the local Pokémon Center is currently taking donations for Stuart’s family. Those familiar with Maurice are asked to notify authorities if they hear from them.

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