Pika Pika Times Looking to Explore the World of Pokémon

Greetings, Trainers! 

Welcome to The Pika Pika Times, your new source for news from the world of Pokémon! We’re looking to provide coverage to the main series games, Pokémon GO and what’ going on in the TCG. Plus, there may be some strange news directly from different regions, or we’ll get a new perspective from the Pokémon world. 

Right now, we’re a team of one. While it may stay that way for awhile, we’ll do our best to keep you the latest news as often as possible. Whether’s it’s what’s going on in Violent and Scarlet, or what might be going on with the new Arceus V Star box, we’ll keep you hip to what’s good. 

As we continue to build, we hope that you’ll stick around and enjoy the Pokémon world along with us. 



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